About Company

  • Joint stock company «Insurance company «Jusan Garant» is a composite insurance company of Kazakhstan, which has been operating in the market since 2009.
  • Sole Shareholder of the company is "First Heartland Jýsan Bank" JSC.
  • Abay Yegemberdiyev is a Chairman of the Management Board Acting
  • As per Standard & Poor’s, the Company’s long-term counterparty credit rating and financial strength rating is “B+” (stable outlook), national rating is “kzBBВ+”.

  • Our Representatives serve our customers in all regions of Kazakhstan.
  • We are a member of Kazakhstan’s ‘Insurance Benefits Guarantee Fund’ JSC; this furnishes a firm guarantee on timely payment of insurance indemnity to each customer and ensures a reliable coverage for them.
  • We are registered as a supplier and take part in government e-procurement at: www.goszakup.gov.kz
  • We are actively involved in procurement of Kazakhstan subsoil users (registered as a supplier at www.reestr.nadloc.kz ‘List of Goods, Works and Services Used while Executing Operations on Subsoil Use and their Producers.’)


History of the Company


Establishment of a business entity named SAK Insurance Company JSC.


The Company was reregistered and renamed as "Tsesna Garant" Insurance Company" JSC, Subsidiary of "Tsesnabank" JSC,in compliance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Company is registered as a supplier and participates in state e-procurement at: www.goszakup.gov.kz.


Increase of the international rating up to “B +” by S&P Global Ratings(Stable Outlook) (national rating - “kzBBB”).


Changes in the management of the company.

The Company is accredited for agroindustrial complex risk insurance and entered into the register of insurers of the Ministry of Agriculutre of the Republic of Kazakhstan and on the portal qoldau.kz; a new product - agricultural business insurance - was introduced in the insurance market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Online payment and payment via terminals were introduced.

The company confirmed the long-term credit counterparty rating and financial strength rating of the company "B+".

Works on the improvement and development of business process automation were performed.