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Иные условия страхования вы сможет получить обратившись в ближайший офис


The life of a sportsperson comprises a hard work, achievements, new records and striving for victory. You are at risk of picking up an injury every minute, and most certainly you neglect your health. ‘Jusan Garant’ Insurance Program for sportspeople will become a reliable protection for you and help to get on the victory podium.

Description of insurance program

  • 24 hour coverage;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan is a coverage territory, if the entire world is a coverage territory, a multiplying ratio shall be applied;
  • Persons aged 1 to 65 are to be insured;
  • An insured event is the accident that causes death of an Insured Person, disablement diagnosis, temporary disability and/or temporary dysfunction of organism.
  • An indemnity is established as follows: 
    In the event of death - 100% of insurance indemnity.
    In the event of assigning I, II or III degree of disablement - 75%, 50%, and 30% of the sum insured, respectively, for ‘a disabled child’ category - 60% of the sum insured.

In the event of dismemberment or trauma without any disablement diagnosis - 2% of the sum insured for each sick day starting with the eighth day but thirty (30) days at most per an insured event.